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Cue Dino Riders Theme Song

Oh baby am I excited about this. I freakin’ love Lizardmen, and while I do think that Wood Elves and Bretonnia needed new books far more than Lizardmen do this still has me all giddy.

So yeah; Lizardmen are the newest army release for Warhammer Fantasy, and I thought I’d take the time to show off the new toys they’re getting. Why? Because I’m a Dinosaur nerd and Dinosaur people riding bigger Dinosaurs is awesome.

So let’s start with the new Lords and Heroes here, and let’s start with Gor-Rok.
This guy is pretty cool looking, and the detail on him is really crisp and clean. The hand gripping his shield does look a little wonky, and his weapon looks a bit dumb, but overall this guy is just great. I really love the Saurus Warrior design, and this guy pulls it off wonderfully.

Next up is the new Skink Priest.
I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way for every new model involving Skinks: they look too flat and plan. Maybe it’s just the paint job on them, but all the new Skink models look for 2 dimensional to me. It’s hard to comment on the details of this guy because he basically has none. I suppose it’s a competent model, but it just lacks any depth or character.

Next is another Skink character; Lord Tetto’eko.
And now we have a Skink trying to infringe on the Slaan gig? Not really sure what’s going on here, or why this guy needs to exist. Still; that chair is pretty bitchin’.

So Tiktaq’to essentially got a new model as well, but it’s part of the new Terradon Riders kit(which I’ll cover in full in a minute).
And y’know; this isn’t half bad. The new Terradons look great, and I love his helmet/mask thing. Maybe the mount could have been a tiny bit more dynamic, but overall this is a nice model with quite a bit of character to it.

Kroq-Gar also got a new model, and much like his buddy up there he comes in the new Carnosaur kit(which again I’ll cover in a moment).
Now I don’t want to go into too much about his mount here because I want to save that for the full kit, but suffice to say Kroq-Gar looks crazy mean and awesome in his cool armor. I do find it interesting that GW has decided to make these two characters out of a general kit rather than their own separate kits, but I guess this does mean if you want Kroq-Gar and an Old Blood on Carnosaur you need to buy two of the same $85 kit and be left with a metric ton of bits.

So nothing new in Core, which means you either take Saurus or you spam Skinks still, but Special does have plenty of new stuff. Let’s start with the new Bastiladon.
m3360155a_99120208011_LMenBastiladonSolarEngine01_873x627 m3360135a_99120208011_LMenBastiladonArcOfSotek01_873x627
As you can see this guy comes in two varieties; Solar Engine and Ark of Sotek. So basically it can shoot either lasers or snakes, both of which are awesome options. While a bit less dynamic than I’d have liked considering you’ll never need to rank these things up; this kit is pretty damn impressive. It’s just a big, mean, carnivorous looking Ankylosaur dude. The scales are all nice a crisp, the detailing on the shell is great and both weapon options look pretty good.

Next we move to the new Terradon Riders, which can also be made into…ugh do I have to say it? Fine; Ripperdactyls.
m3360455a_99120208013_TerradonRider01_873x627 m3360415a_99120208013_RipperdactylRider01_873x627
I just want to make sure I’m not the only one who thinks “Ripperdactyl” is both extremely lazy but also sounds full blown retarded here. Still the new Terradon Riders look pretty awesome and the mounds look a ton better than the old metal ones. I also like that the kit comes with different level flying bases, and the big stones the Terradons are carrying look great(and yes it does kill me a little knowing they left of the P at the beginning of Pterodactyl). The Ripperdactyls, though, just look like garbage. They have big silly under-bites and their faces in general just look bad. It’s a shame because that’s essentially 50% of the kit that’s worthless.

Before I move on to Rares I just want to point out that GW is again pissing away golden chances to fix models that really need it. Instead of pumping money into paying someone to come up with Ripperdactyl and then making them all look like flying stroke victims they could have been fixing the Saurus Cavalry because they’re still riding their own stroke victim mounts. Seriously; why do they not have the cool Cold Ones like Dark Elves get? Why did GW not fix what is one of the most glaringly bad design elements in the entire army? Drives me insane.

Ok, on to the only new Rare choice: Carnosaur/Troglodon.
m3360220a_99120208012_LMenCarnosaurOldBlood01_873x627 m3360255a_99120208012_LMenTroglodon01_873x627
Now this is a bitching kit! I don’t get why they decided to call this a Carnosaur when it’s more like a really big Baryonyx mixed with a Raptor of some sort, but whatever. The head is a bit stumpy looking, too, which I feel takes away a bit from the fierceness of the mount. Still; hot damn does this thing ever look cool. The detail is all there and super clean, the rider looks great, and it has a good sense of motion about it!  The Troglodon shares most of the praise and complaints from the Carnosaur, but with the added “wait, what?” factor of the fact that is has no eyes. It’s a bit weird that it looks like it just has horns growing out of its eye sockets, but I suppose it works. Overall this is a pretty fantastic kit with just a few minor faults. I wish they had called it something else, though, and kept the old Carnosaur kit around because that worked perfectly for the name.

Now this new release set has a lot of fairly bit models in it, which the Bastiladon and Carnosaur being the two that come to mind. I normally complain about that with other armies where it’s pointlessly shoehorned in because of 8th edition’s “everything should be massive!” policy, but if there’s an army that deserves several huge models it’s the guys with frequent access to freaking Dinosaurs.

Overall a pretty solid set of releases. If I could stand the 8th edition rules, and had enough money to just piss away, I’d totally jump in with some Dino fun good times. So yeah; new Lizardmen, despite some flaws, are freaking awesome and get a thumbs up from me.


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