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There’s Got To Be Some Kind Of Good Convergence Pun, Right?

Alright, I missed the last two weeks I know. Which is why I’m starting this week with an announcement: I’m dropping my “every Tuesday” schedule. Now I’m basically just going to post stuff as it comes to me. I’m still going to try and keep a post a week, but I’m not making any promises. I’m just getting too busy these days and I constantly forget to write these things(hell I’m only writing this one because I’ve been a bit under the weather all day so I’m not out playing Flames of War tonight).

Anyway; let’s move on to the meat of this post. I mentioned a little while back that I was pretty excited about the new army coming out for Warmachine: The Convergence of Cyriss. That still holds true, so today I thought I’d do a little “early impressions” deal on the models currently up on the Privateer Press website. I figured it’s time to start doing reviews of new stuff that isn’t made by GW(who incidentally got punched in the dick in court; which makes me happy) so maybe my little model reviews will stop being me just bitching.

Starting off with the two Warcasters we’ve seen the models for! We’ll start with Axis; The Harmonic Enforcer.Can't touch this...
First off; what’s with that title? Seriously, between “Harmonic Enforcer” and having hammers for hands it’s like they just want all the MC Hammer jokes the internet can throw at this guy. Sadly I think this dude looks awful(and already I’m bitching). The D battery legs, the hammer hands, and just the overall design of him doesn’t do it for me. His stats look great from the brief glimpse we caught in the Convergence announcement video, but his model just ruins it. He just looks a bit too dopey for me. If this was a solo, maybe I’d buy it. But as the centerpiece of my army(because I’m not buying a colossal or a battle engine)? Nope.

Next is Aurora; Numen of Aerogenisis.
I believe I can fly...
Now that’s better. She doesn’t look silly and clunky(despite having a stupidly clunky and silly title) and she actually looks like she can do things off the battlefield(what’s Axis going to do, tenderize meat?) She is a little cheesecake with the very strategic placement of her little remaining fleshy bits, but it’s not overly silly and I can dig it. I’m also loving those wings, despite the fact that it means she’ll take up a huge spot in my foam. Still I’m very much impressed overall, and I’ll be buying her.

Next we’ll talk about units, starting with Aurora’s creations: The Clockwork Angels.
I already ran out of music jokes.
YES. These girls look awesome. The wings are maybe a bit small, but I’m sure they fly via magic or something so the wings are purely symbolic I guess. Still I’m loving these things and totally plan to buy a unit for my army. I would have liked the swords to be more of an integrated weapons, maybe coming out of the forearm or something, but I think I’ll get over it(or get someone to convert them so that they have integrated swords). $25 for 3 models on the smallest base in the game is a bit of a pisser, though. If they were on bigger bases, or you got 5 to a box, then maybe, but as it stands they are $8.33 a model.

Next are the Obstructors.
Got nothing.
These guys are pretty cool…I guess. They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t mind blowingly amazing either. They’re…passable. I like the flail-mace weapons, but the shields look a bit weird. I get those are deigned like that so they can link together when doing shield wall, but they still look a bit off. Also some of the poses are just dreadfully boring. Thankfully they’re plastic so that can be fixed, but the details on them(such as exposed gears and such) will make that all the more difficult. Still; I expect better in 2013.

On to Warjacks! Or in this case; Vectors! Starting with the light Vector known as the Diffuser.
Diffusing my jokes...jerk-bot.
Not bad, not great, but not bad. The “head” part looks a bit goofy, and the arms look a bit flaily and weedy. Still I love the art-deco design of the Convergence and this little guy sticks to the theme pretty well. Not sure if I’ll be grabbing one of these(need to read up on the light Vectors again), but I can’t say I’d hate to have one in my army.

Next we get the heavy kit, which can build three Vectors: Cipher, Inverter or Monitor.
Spike hands joke?Inverter? I hardly know her!He watches you sleep...
Yeah; I’m digging the hell outta’ this kit. Each of the Vectors shares a similar looks while still looking unique at the same time. The Cipher has its gun face, the Inverter it’s ball n’ chain and power piston, and the Monitor has…holy sweet hell it has a gun that shoots saw blades! That’s the greatest thing ever, and I want one. Now. Like right friggin’ now. WHERE IS MY MODEL PRIVATEER PRESS? Seriously; I’m all about this thing. The quad-legged design(I loves me some quad-bots), and, again, the art-deco designs just make me smile. I’ll certainly be getting at least two of these kits for my army, and then magnetizing the crap out of them.

Lastly we have the only solos up on the website; Attunement Servitors.
Fly like an eagle...
First thing’s first: Servitor is a real latin word; no Games Workshop did not invent it so shut up before you even start. Now that that’s out of the way, what’s there really to say about these? They’re little floating ball robots. I do like the flying stands Privateer Press is using, though.

So that concludes the first part of our journey. I know there’s some pictures floating around of the heavy infantry from Lock N Load, but I don’t feel like hunting them down right now. Also I want to leave something for the next installment as Privateer Press shows more of these guys. I know already I’m getting some of the heavy infantry, but I’m waiting to see if Father Lucant’s model does his awesome art justice.

Also; if you’re wondering why I’m not talking about the battlebox it’s because I can sum it up like so: Forge Master Syntherion looks completely retarded(he’s a flying robo-cocoon with Swiss army arms), and the two light Vectors are probably quite good but I’d rather do legit reviews of those models when they get their own entry.

Overall I’m kind of on the fence with Convergence. I’ll be getting them because, finally, a mainline army that I like so I can at least know that one of my armies won’t be getting pissed on constantly(my poor mercs). So far only Aurora and Lucant have caught my attention design wise(because that’s the first thing I look for; not stats, not anything game play related, but whether or not the model looks cool) among the Warcasters, but everything seems to be shaping up pretty nicely. So yeah; I think this summer will be good for me, if not so much for my wallet. But hey, at least the guys will stop complaining that I never play Warmachine with them anymore.


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