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This Was Going To Be A Deep Discussion About Kickstarter But I’m Lazy So Here’s Some Tau Stuff

OK so first thing’f first: yes I know I missed last week. Tuesdays are crazy hectic because I basically get up, get ready for work, go to work for 6 1/2 to 7 hours, come home for 10 minutes and then head up to Orem to play Flames of War all night long. In fact I generally write these either the Monday before or even earlier in some cases, but last week I just totally blanked on it.

So anyway; new Tau codex means new models. Now I actually had someone ask if I knew anything about the new books that GW puts out and the answer is yes; between the selection of books we have at BTP and the shady parts of the internet I do check out new GW books out of some morbid curiosity. Why don’t I ever discuss them? Well as I’ve explained before my entire method of gaming is “pick whatever you think looks cool and/or fun and play it” which tends to lend my discussion of new books and army lists to “who gives a damn?” That’s why you only ever see me discuss models here.

So HQs. Starting with the new Cadre Fireblade.
Honestly this guy has potential. Basically his only problem is he seems a bit too busy for a Tau model, especially considering how reserved Firewarriors tend to be. I also don’t like that he’s holding up the bonding knife, it just doesn’t seem fitting of the Tau being the only race in 40k to understand that guns > knives. I do like the scope on his rifle, though.

Next we have some new named guy; Darkstrider.
I like that the Tau are getting more HQ choices, but I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed by this dude. He’s basically just a pathfinder with a fancy monocle. I think he’d work better as one of those named characters who isn’t an HQ, but rather just a squad add on(like Pask in the Imperial Guard).

Next up we have the baddest DJ this side of the Damocles Gulf; Longstrike.
Ok this guy isn’t technically an HQ choice, but he’s a named character and he’s a perfect example of what ol’ Darkstrider up there should have been. He also actually has legs, but I’m not showing that because he looks so goofy that every time I see them I giggle like a little girl. This guy is like the last two; not bad but he never really wowed me in design. Also that’s some sort of worthless mini-battlesuit he’s wearing apparently, but at that point why not just get a legit battlesuit like a man?

Next we get a new Crisis Suit Commander.
I guess GW decided it wasn’t nice to suddenly take the parts that make a Command a Commander and sell them separate to the actual suit they go on for an absurd fee. Then again this guy clocks in at $41 so who am I kidding, right? Still he’s at least dynamic looking, a bit. He’s got a sense of motion and gives an idea that yes indeed Crisis Suits can bend their knees. This guy also has his hands out(as a sign of his rank according to the book), but his arms look oddly skinny for some reason. I’m not a fan of the bonding knife on the leg, though. It’s a battlesuit; if you need something dead in melee I’m sure giant metal fists will do the trick just fine.

Speaking of Battlesuits let’s move on to my single favorite character in the current 40k fluff: Farsight.
Yes indeed, Commander Farsight; bad-ass of the ages. This dude is probably one of the only interesting characters in 40k because he’s the only one who seems to have actual motives and thinks. Also his model is pretty snazzy. Not digging the flowing scrolls a stuff(seriously GW; now you’re just providing the “Tau are weeaboo” idiots with more ammunition), but he’s got a pretty awesome pose. He’s got flow, movement, and most importantly he doesn’t look boring. You know why I love Farsight so much? Simple: he slaughters Orks without mercy, and one day I hope he destroys them all so I never have to deal with those stupid comic reliefs or their fans ever again.

Strangely there’s no Kroot HQ. In fact Kroot get absolutely nothing new in the codex. I think GW is missing out on prime market here because people really like the Kroot mercenary list Forge World put out.

Moving on we have the new Elite options because GW figured Tau were good on troops with just Fire Warriors and Kroot. And since there’s only 1 new Elite choice let’s just get this guy out of the way; the Riptide.
Yes the Tau get their own stupid big model that probably doesn’t need to exist except GW needs to milk it’s remaining fans for every penny they’ve got before they either die, go broke or realize what a terrible company they are. Anyway; I’m not all that terribly thrilled about this thing. It’s just a bigger Crisis Suit; well except the tiny dorky head. I get the thing is just sensors and stuff, but it is seriously small and silly looking. This thing does have a fairly impressive range of posing options since its legs are more than two parts(although you’d be hard pressed to guess that since the damn kit only has 2 sprues). Still; it just doesn’t make me go “OH  GOD MUST HAVE!” like so many other models in so many other ranges do.

Now remember how I said I don’t discuss rules stuff? Well I need to discuss something about the rules for this thing: it’s Ballistic Skill 3. Now let me put that into perspective for you: a 16 point Space Marine is BS4, and yet this 180 point model is BS3. And no I don’t care how many markerlights or extra systems you can give it to make it better; you shouldn’t need to pay points or take an entirely separate unit to make a 180 point model(that costs you $85 in real world money) shoot better than you average Guardsman. That’s stupid.

Ok so on to Fast Attack with the new Pathfinders box.
Actually these guys turned out pretty boss. The new support weapons are a nice touch(although it still boggles my mind why Firewarriors can’t take some sort of man portable Burst Cannon for a little extra bang) and this box is actually quite the steal at $35. I maybe would have liked the guy with the rail rifle to be looking down the sights or in a cool sniper pose, but I guess I can live since the box turned out as well as it did.

Moving on we have the new Tau flier coming in two styles per box: Sunshark Bomber and Razorshark Fighter.
Sunshark bomberRazorshark fighter
And oh dear how did we go so wrong? Seriously; where did these things come from? The fliers Forge World cranks out look so good and these look so dorky. I get that 6th edition is “he with the most fliers is king” and all, but god did GW ever miss the mark here.

Alright lastly we have the only new model for Heavy Support(not counting DJ Longstrike up there): the new Broadside.
Broadside Railgun
Yowza; this baby got a facelift! Much like the Commander GW decided to stop selling the base suit and upgrade kit and release a whole new $50 a pop model. Still; this thing is proper hefty. It’s huge and bulky with a giant ass gun, and it’s on a friggin’ 60mm base. That rail rifle(yes they demoted it from legit railgun to just a big rail rifle -whatever the bloody difference is) actually has two barrels. I ahve to say I’m pretty impressed with this big bugger, and it comes in Macross Missile Spam!
That's right; all the missiles.

GW also opted to release the Crisis Suits as a 3 pack, but they’re still the same crappy old suits instead of the glorious, poseable and much sexier Forge World designs. Way to miss a sure bet there, GW.

So where do I stand on the whole of the new Tau stuff? Eh. The new Broadside is great and Farsight’s model has so much character to it, but the fliers and the Riptide just do zero to impress me. They also dropped the ball by not putting out new Crisis Suits or giving the Kroot more stuff. There was a lot of potential here that GW wasted in classic fashion. Still; this is probably one of the more solid releases GW has had lately, but that wouldn’t take much considering the last batch of new models was pretty floptastic. Overall it’s not a bad release, but it’s not as exciting as it should have been for a former Tau player.


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