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The 3D Printer Debate Needs To Die

Seriously, is anyone else sick of this damn debate yet? It seems like every time someone brings up the fact of how expensive this hobby is some idiot brings up “well 3D printers will destroy the miniatures industry anyway, so all these greedy companies will be out of business soon.” No. That’s not how it works you dope.

Honestly; why does everyone assume that 3D printers will somehow be the beginning of the end of the miniatures business? Do these people know how much a 3D printer costs? I’ll give you a hint: more than  small army in a miniatures game. There’s this stupid idea that 3D printers will become so affordable to the general public that we’ll be able to print out our own miniatures for just a few dollars per a squad of guys, and it comes from no where. Why do people think that this technology will suddenly drive an entire industry out of business?

The printers are expensive as hell, then you need to buy the material and you need to be able to work the damn thing in the first place to create the models. Does nobody in this hobby understand how technology works? The overall cost of everything involved to print a single miniature is just too high to be worth anything.

I’m sorry, but very few times does a single technology destroy an entire industry. Remember when iTunes came out and everyone claimed that within a year the CD would be completely obsolete and record stores would all be out of business? Yeah; guess what you can still buy in any Walmart in the country? I’ll give you a hint; it starts with C and ends with D.

I’m sorry, but the fact this comes up seemingly every discussion about prices in wargaming just pisses me off. It’s a stupid argument, it’s not even remotely sane and can we just bloody stop already? The industry won’t be ruined by 3D printers, they won’t bring the companies to their knees and we won’t be printing our own miniatures en masse anytime soon. Just stop, please.


4 Responses to “The 3D Printer Debate Needs To Die”

  1. To say 3d printers will ruin the miniature game market is a stupid argument, yes. But to say they will have no impact at all on the miniature game market is an even stupider argument. Things will change in the coming future especially as home 3d printing becomes cheaper and better (which i guarantee you it will), but Games Workshop wont be going out of business like some doomsayers say it will.

    • It’ll impact the industry because more companies will use it, but I doubt it’ll have a huge impact on the consumer side of things.

      • I totally agree. Truth is I don’t know exactly how printers will impact the industry, but I just know they will. I’ve been saving my money for a printer for a while now, and I will be getting it in September, and my #1 goal is to experiment what 3d printing can do to traditional games in general.

      • Well some companies already use them. I know Prodos, the guys doing the new Warzone game, use a 3D printer to do the initial model from the CAD software and then use THAT to make a mold for mass production. I assume most other companies that use CAD for designing models probably use a similar method(Spartan Games, for example).

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